Poll Restaurants

Run by restaurateurs Gillis & George Poll, Poll Restaurants is a restaurant group consisting of: Bryant & Cooper Steakhouse, Majors Steakhouse, Cipollini Trattoria & Bar, Toku Modern Asian, Bar Frites Restaurant, Hendrick’s Tavern and The Bryant. They are dedicated to providing their guests with a distinguished dining experience. Great atmosphere, warm hospitality and quality is what makes their restaurants so beloved.

My Role

Lead Designer

The Challenge

Poll Restaurant’s existing website looked dated and was not intuitive. While scanning through the website, there were a jarring amount of errors on the website indicating that it did not meet the standard requirements of being an ADA compliant website.

The Goal

Create a fresh and modern responsive design that would make accessing information and booking a table at a restaurant quick and painless. Collaborate with the Creative Director of Poll Restaurants as well as a 3rd party ADA Compliance certified team to ensure that the new website meets all ADA compliance rules and regulations.

Design Elements

Color Palette




UI Elements

Default Buttons